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Nioh beginner build

Nioh beginner build

Nioh beginner build
The Nioh 2 open beta has been out for a few days now, and as players attempt to learn and fight their way through the two -ish levels and dominate Yokai, some strategies are coming out on top. Well, for players looking for the best ways to utilize their weapons, it really comes down to a choice between the three basic ways that the game can be played, with varying degrees of customization. The obvious differences between these builds involve the speed at which the player attacks, as well as the amount of damage dealt with each attack. So which weapons are best for each build? The Power Build has two different weapons available to it, the Odachi and the Axe. Both the Odachi and the Axe are capable of landing powerful blows which can melt enemy health bars, especially when used in a high stance. However, since the attacks all have a large wind up, these weapons aren't the most adept at taking down enemy stamina bars and quickly drain the player's, which can be especially taxing in the Dark Realm that Yokai transport the player to. Of the two weapons for this build, Odachi easily comes out on top, due to its versatility between all stances, attacks that more easily close the distance between the player and enemy, as well as the connected attribute for raising its damage. Odachi's work well with the Strength stat, which has the added benefit of raising heavy armor effectiveness. The first attributes that should be ramped up for an Odachi build should be Strength and Constitution. Once the benefits begin getting soft-capped, generally around level 10 or so, then the next two targets should be Heart and Courage, which increase the Ki gauge and its recovery respectively. This vastness of options is largely due to Nioh 2 favoring high-speed combat that focuses on draining stamina over the slow, calculated movements required of heavy hitters that focus more on health, and leaning into this design can make the Nioh series easier. While all four weapons have their benefits and drawbacks, it's the Tonfas that stand out the highest among the quicker weapons. Tonfas stand out against the other weapon types in the Speed for similar reasons as the Odachi in Power. Namely, the Tonfas are the most capable weapon for closing the distance between the player and the enemy, as well as their connected attribute being Courage. This means that most attacks from a Tonfa are more likely to hit their opponents than other weapons a marginal difference within the category and Ki will naturally recover quicker with a proper build, which is a great way to get started in both Nioh titles. Courage becomes the most important Attribute for Tonfa users, with Constitution taking a comfortable second place. An honorable mention for Speed Builds though should be the Kusarigama, which has a slower attack speed and more complicated combos than most weapons in this category, but has the added bonus of being perfectly paired with Ninjutsu by connecting it's primary attribute with Dexterity. A Balanced Build is somewhere between speed and power, where attacks do strike fast enough to string together combos and do decent damage, but aren't quite as adept at shredding stamina or dropping enemy health at quite the same rate as Speed and Power Builds. Balanced weapons include the Sword and the Spear, with the Spear coming out as the clear winner between the two. These Balanced weapons do feed into the intense combat that Team Ninja excels with from Nioh to the recent Dead or Alive. Swords in Nioh 2 are fine, but the Spear has a wider range for better crowd control, are better at closing distance, and the attribute paired with the Spear is Constitution. This boils down to Spears being better at fighting multiple enemies at once, which sometimes is unavoidable, and making sure that enemies can't evade attacks. While the Sword has more varied stances, the upsides of the Spear completely outclasses its competitor, something that anyone who made it to the end of the beta can learn first hand. Swords were better in the first Niohwhich players can check out now that it's free for PS Plus members in November.

Nioh builds 2019

Join VIP to remove all ads and videos. The Kusarigama may be the best weapon Nioh has to offer. It's flexible, it's damaging, it's got range, it's got speed, it comes with powerful attack buffs, and is excellent for inflicting Status Effects. What it does is draw enemies closer, after which you're set to perform the High Stance quick attack combo to perfection. What this means is that you can alternate between the two, thereby catching enemies off guard. These skills all require first reaching Veteran skill level. Mind that the AI of some enemies, like Ninjas, or Revenants, is smart enough sidestep the combo, making most of the attacks miss. There are really a good number of ways of using the Kusarigama. It's really fast, really good for stunlocking, really good for inflicting status effects, and with Tangle Strike it can also break guard. Mid Stance is best for cautious player who want to minimize damage and sneak in hits. Because this build allows for heavy use of High Stance it combines well with Tengen Kujakuwho can greatly increase the damage of High Stance users. One particularly powerful kusarigama to look for is the Hayabusa Kusarigama which can be combined with the Dragon Ninja Set for substantially increased damage. Reaper is awesome for big, slow bosses. You can kill Hundred eyes in about 10 secs with LW Reaper. Sign In Help Sign Out. Toggle navigation. Search Results. Join the page discussion Tired of anon posting? Submit Submit Close. Load more.

Nioh beginner guide

Join VIP to remove all ads and videos. Character Builds for Nioh are character and equipment recommendations that focus your character on solo and cooperative play against regular AI enemies and yokai. Builds listed in this page are created and categorized by players, therefore you should not assume they are all optimized. For help on creating your own build, see the character building tutorial page. You will need to have a good understanding of all of the game's Stats and how they are impacted by your Weapons and Armor. Brushing up on your Skills and the Combat Stances you want to focus on are further build considerations. Please see Nioh 2 Builds here. Guide to using Sword and Axe in Nioh. Hybrid build that is effective. Onmyo Magic is for Sloth only. Twin Star Exorcist like the anime. Onmyo Mage that destroys everyone with guardian spirit and just having fun. Can be started in First region of the game. Magic ninja phoenix. So i made a account! I have a few builds im working on that might either help some people or just be fun to use but are their any guidelines? I do have pictures of the sets and builds if images or stats need to be updated for the wiki i can help with that. I really wanna get all this done before Toukiden 2 comes out because that will take up a ton of my time. I have a build i would like to submit, how do i do it? I was working it for 2 hours. Aw come on people, we need more builds in here! Please do share them with us! Dont let this turn into yet another DS3 fiasco, no one wants to lose time trying to find some build over small scale reddits. Novice 1 Active The Adamantine: Only available when the weapon is sheathed.

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Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. Change language. Install Steam. Store Page. Nioh: Complete Edition Store Page. Global Achievements. I struggle to get through this, even on the first region Im getting killed constantly. Its frustrating that Yoki have impenetrable poise and even smashing their face with a giant axe power attack does nothing to interrupt their attacks. Can someone give me some help on a build? I heard back when it launched that Ninjitsu builds were really OP. But I just had a visitor mage guy who destroyed the second boss bat lady in like 15 seconds and slowed her down with some spell, so that also seemed really good. And what weapons are the best? For people of lesser skill? Showing 1 - 2 of 2 comments. Deostades View Profile View Posts. Every weapon type is perfectly viable at all levels of play. That said, the base Sword is easy to figure out and has a lot of very useful skills. You'll want to unlock Flowing Shadows as soon as it becomes available. Spears are pretty easy to pick up as well, and the extra distance at which you are able to engage can give you that crucial second of wind up time to dodge or block. Axes, interestingly enough, are probably not great beginner weapons, as they take a fair amount of tricky timing to get the best effect out of their powerful swings. This is a guy that chose Axes as his starting weapon speaking. Kusarigama are difficult to master, but once you do, virtually no Yokai in the game will last long against you. Now, poise, or Ki as it's known in this game, works differently for human and Yokai. Human opponents, like you, use Ki in attacking and dodging, and when you Break their Ki, they go into an exhaust state like you, open for a Grapple move. Yokai, however, treat Ki like a secondary layer of armor that you strip away by attacking. Their movements do not use Ki, and as long as they still have Ki left over, few moves will stagger them. However, most Yokai have a big glowing horn or other obvious weak spot. Hit that weak spot, and your instantly Break their Ki, often sending them flat on the ground, and anything more substantial than a sneeze will stun-lock them easily. High Stance on most weapons has an easy to abuse combo or move that easily hits most Yokai weak spots without issue. Ninjutsu and Onmyo are both very powerful, and can make a huge difference in your playstyle. Shuriken and Kunai can lock opponents into blocking while their Ki is drained, or knock several foes down from vulnerable states. Hino-Enma, the second boss you mentioned, is best knocked out of her flying state with some Kunai. Onmo magics have a huge variety of Talismans, or spells, that you can use. One, Sloth, is the one you described, and on default difficulty can fairly be called an Instant Win Button. Others become exponentially more useful as time and difficulty increase, but there are few Onmyo that can't be used to great effect. As far as general builds: experiment!

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But, there are ways to make things just a tiny bit easier. For even more helpful strategies, check out the official Sony launch trailer for 25 more tips. Patience is key and observation is your best friend in Nioh. Learn openings, and attack when you see an enemy pause. Quick-step dodges should stay in the Green. Heavy armor looks cool, but dodging through enemy attacks is even better than blocking. Train yourself to swiftly dodge through or away from enemies instead of relying on blocks. Remember, try dodging through enemy attacks instead of away. Use [R1] for Ki Burst! Timing is everything, and a single tap will recharge your stamina. Practice makes perfect! Get the Kick! The kick, along with the finisher sword thrust or other stamina-draining techniques are incredibly powerful. When an enemy or boss! This devastating strike deals massive damage. If an opponent drops to the ground, hold heavy attack to strike down. You might aggro unseen opponents. Draw enemies to you — unlock and equip the Shuriken jutsu. Shurikens recharge at the Shrine. Annoying enemies scuttling around your feet? Use the Low Stance to always land hits on spiders or crawling undead demons. Collect Kodama to increase the drop rate of weapons, armor, amrita and elixirs. Watch out for those glowing-green spirits and grab them when you can! For extra help, check out our Kodama locations guide here. Save your Guardian Spirit for tough Oni or to end a boss battle. A few moments of invulnerability is pretty awesome. You can always recharge before rushing into a boss by fighting enemies, and if you die you can still recollect your fully-charged spirit. Once Medicine Man is unlocked, you can get even more Elixirs.

Nioh kusarigama build

Nioh beginner build
You can level up yor character at the shrine by spending Amrita points, which can be obtained by defeating enemies. Focusing on stats that scale with your favorite weapon, is a much faster way to become stronger than to level up each stat evenly. Book of Reincarnation is an item which allows players to reallocate their stats. Using it will reset the players level and skill, and can be bought at the blacksmith. Skill Points, which are used for learning Samurai Skills and Magic Skills can be earned by increasing Proficiency with a weapon or magic. Reallocation of Skill Points has not been confirmed at present, so choose your skills wisely. Armors have special attributes which takes a major role in the early game, but requires you to reach a certain stat for it to activate. Therefore, your first priority when leveling up stats is to reach the stat required for your armor. Body and Heart are stats that correlate directly to the players survivability since it increases HP and Ki. After leveling up the minimum stats required for your armor as well as leveling Body and Heart to 10, focus on leveling up stats that scale with your favorite weapon type for max efficiency. The most efficient way to increase your damage is to focus on one stat that scales the most with your weapon. If you are a Ninjyutu user and want to level up efficiently, Kusarigama is the ideal weapon type. For Onmyo Magic users, Switchglaive is the preferred weapon. The stats required for armors varies depending on the armors category, so if you find a new armor that suits you be sure to check its requirements. Similar to early game, reaching the stat requirement for the armor you wear is crucial. After you become able to deal decent damage, start leveling up Courage and Stamina. Courage increases Ki recovery speed, and leveling up stamina lets you wear heavier armor. After you level up the stats that scale with your weapon type to 99, focus on leveling up Body and Heart. Late game enemies can deal tremendous amount of damage per hit or burst you down with a combowhich can instantly kill your character. How come after you respec you have 6 in 2 stats? I thought you were forced to pick 3 attributes in the beginning of the game. A guide for players wondering which stats to prioritize and level up, which stats scales with each weapon types, and recommended build for early, mid, and late game. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Name Comment. Recommended Starting Weapon and Spirit.

Nioh dual sword build

Nioh beginner build
Because Stamina scales with Axes the most, focus on leveling up Stamina. Leveling up Strength is also effective since it also scales with Axes, and Axes are compatible with Heavy Armors. The status increase between level 5 to level 10 is large compared to other levels for all stats. Since Spears scales with Stamina, leveling up Stamina is your first priority. Due to the low attack speed, keeping Toughness rank above B is also important. Therefore, leveling up Strength is effective as well when using the Axe. The Axe has short range and slow attack speed in exchange for massive damage per hit. Use strong attack as it has the longest reach, and Mad Spinner for DPS when going against large enemies. The best build and skills for Axe in Nioh 2. You can find infromation on the best Axe build and skills as well as how to use the Axe. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Name Comment. Follows up a Quick Attack with a jumping slice that knocks the enemy into the air, thn slams them back down to earth. Recommended Starting Weapon and Spirit. Best Stat to Focus and Recommended Build. Weapon Type Tier list. Dual Swords.

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It provides a small, curved blade not unlike a sickle on a chain that has a blunt weight on the other end. Unlike the other weapons which rely on thrusts and regular cuts, this weapon is swung in large arcs for rapid combos directly in front of you or sweeping combos that keep surrounding enemies at bay. Like all weapons in Nioh, it can be used in three stances — High, Mid, and Low. High and Low are extremely similar, with Mid being a strong go-to for a majority of your time. You can regain Ki while guarding and moving, which is very useful when up against groups of enemies. Skills for Mid revolve around the use of the blunt weight at the end of the chain to pull enemies in and keep them down. Many of the skills in this area are sickle versions of the Mid skills, such as the pull and the combo finishers. Combos are faster in this stance than in Low, making them deadlier, but they also eat up much more Ki. Since they require constant swinging, your combos are much shorter and less threatening to groups in general. This weapon overcomes that thanks to its chain and the utility of both ends. As described before, the Kusarigama covers a wide range with incredible speed and lengthy combos. The main stats for the Kusarigama are:. Dexterity is the primary stat for the Kusarigama and it also affects your Ninjutsu, making the Kusarigama the perfect weapon for Ninja builds as you can kill two birds your weapon and the number of ninja tricks you can carry with one stone. Heart is your second major stat for the Kusarigama. It increases your Ki, allowing you to fight for far longer before having to back off, and increases your Life as well. Heart also boosts the power of your swords and bows. If you happen to have a sword as your secondary then this will definitely be a nice bonus. Skill is the second stat that actually can boost the power of Kusarigama. However, its main purpose is to boost the special effects of weapons and armor as well as increase the power of dual swords and guns. Both guns and dual swords are great supplemental weapons for the Kusarigama. Guns are powerful and can help whittle down a crowd before you jump into the fray. Ninja armor has bonuses that help manage Ki usage, using less for attacks and allowing for excellent mobility. Here are some Kurasigama specific skills that can get you on the right path early on when using a Kusarigama build:. They allow you to use Ki Pulse even as you dodge which is very important. Normally dodging during combat cancels your opportunity to regain Ki in Nioh, and that leaves you gasping for air and open for a takedown. Waterfall — This mid-stance skill parries enemy attacks and pushes them backwards. The fact that it pushes enemies back a great distance helps to create distance, giving you time to regain Ki and prepare yourself. It stumbles your opponent and can break guards. It also can interrupt attacks. This leaves them open for brutal, high-damage attacks. The only difference is Serpent Strike uses the sickle part of the Kusarigama and does a bit more damage. Both attacks pull the enemy towards you, forcing them to their knees. Both reduce the amount of Ki used. Outside of skill specifically for the weapon, you should take a look at the best Samurai skills as well as the best Ninja skills. For more help with Nioh, check out our wiki. Connect with us. The main stats for the Kusarigama are: Dexterity Skill Heart Dexterity is the primary stat for the Kusarigama and it also affects your Ninjutsu, making the Kusarigama the perfect weapon for Ninja builds as you can kill two birds your weapon and the number of ninja tricks you can carry with one stone. Continue Reading. To Top.

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Spears are one of the five weapon types you can equip in Nioh, and knowing just how to use them can make you an incredibly deadly force in battle. However, the three stances for Spears drastically change how you approach battles, and you need to know when to use each. Attacks are dished out close to you with a flurry of strikes, instead of just a couple swipes or jabs. Because of this, the Low stance is best used when you need to pull back and regroup, regenerate Ki, or deal with large groups of ferocious enemies. First and foremost, the Mid stance is great when forced into a hallway, as you can use your strong attack to continuously thrust at enemies ahead of you. This can also be used with slower enemies to execute a quick jab, then immediately dash out of the way. Your normal attack in Mid stance is the best crowd control you have with the weapon. It uses broad strikes that can easily strike and stagger enemies to each side of you, and only gets expanded on with certain skills. On top of all this, Mid stance dishes out some decent damage. Regular attacks function as an overhead swipe that hits enemies straight in front of you, although it lacks crowd control. However, on larger and slower enemies, High stance is the obvious choice to really take their health bar down. The Spear is a versatile weapons that can favor both speed and methodical attacks from range. On the other hand, Medium armor will still keep you quick and versatile to a degree. The other skill you want kind of depends on how you want to use your Spear. Alternatively, you can also focus on Heart to boost your Ki and attack speed even more. Focusing on Spirit will further boost the power of your Guardian Spirit, increasing the stat boosts it can give you and lengthening the time of your Living Weapon gauge. The Spear has a number of skills that you can learn to make yourself even deadlier. However, there are a few that you can choose to give yourself a boost early on. Pole Kick — Pole Kick is an easy skill you can unlock almost instantly, that factors into your Mid stance combo. Your basic combo adds on an attack at the end if you hit triangle, that has your character grip the pole and stick it into the ground to deliver a spinning kick. Having enough Ki to dodge out of the way is critically important to all three of the stances, particularly Mid and Low. Pull off a couple jabs or a combo and pull off a Ki Pulse, and you should have enough of a window to make a nimble dodge. Flux — Flux can be useful for when you need to adapt your combat style on the fly. Maybe you encounter a large enemy and you want to start out in High or Mid stance to get a blow in while you still have them at range. Nioh - Ranking and Reviewing the Better Guardian Spirits

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